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Computer Optics Inks deal with Clear Align... (Read More)

The Indestructable Lens

COI has manufactured the indestructible lens; a simple, fixed-focus C-mount lens cased in metal, designed to survive almost any attack on it.... (Read More)

Zooming In On Perfection

Since 1986, Computer Optics has been concentrating on vertically integrated custom solutions in lens technology. Our deep history and expertise in zoom lens development laid the foundation for our work across a large spectrum of industries.... (Read More)


Concept Studies

COI operates a US-based 25,000 square foot production facility that houses precision optical design, fabrication, prototype and production.   Our core capabilities range from moderate to highly complex lens assemblies.  Optical accuracies of one-ten-millionth of an inch are typical of both production and prototype fabrication.


Many customers contact COI in the development of their products at a very early stage. Our widely experienced engineering team can analyze the task and indicate how an optical system can contribute to their solution. COI can present viable optical systems within a few days of the discussion of concept.