Multifunction Rifle Site


A rifle-mounted, battery powered, portable unit allowing the rapid imaging in the visible, SWIR, and LWIR wavelength regions. This was the progenitor of the current thermal weapon site used by the US Military.


The rifle site had to be lightweight, compact, and integrate three spectral regions from three different cameras, with packaged electronics, all with very low power consumption.


Design:COI designed the optics and mechanics, integrated the electronics from an outside source, and provided software programming for the operation of the unit.
Integration:All three spectral bands were overlaid onto one multi-spectrum display and integrated with a precise range finder for easier target acquisition.
Weight Reduction:Earlier designs exceeded 20 lbs. and were mounted on a soldier; the COI finished version weighed less than 3.2 lbs. and was mounted directly onto the weapon.
Unique Features:Integrated 3X passive target scope, magnetometer for direction, LCTV display, and had laser eye-safe operation.
Compact:Measured only 6” x 8” x 12”