Biometric Lens


A lens used in biometric identification via iris scanning.


After an exhaustive search for an “off the shelf” lens, the customer determined that a custom lens was required with extremely high resolution and short working distance, at a relatively inexpensive cost.


Design:The designed C-mount lens had a resolution of > 225 lp/mm, and was able to work at a short front working distance of less than 1 meter.
Prototypes::All prototypes built in house and accepted by the customer.
Production:COI is now exploring the possibility of offering this lens in various focal lengths to work with existing CCD/CMOS cameras having pixel sizes as small as 2.2 microns. COI also constructed this lens with a mixture of internal/external sources to minimize cost.
Competition:If COI offers this lens as an off-the-shelf solution, this lens would have the highest resolution for any commercially-available C-mount lens.