BioChip Reader Lens


A laboratory device (specifically called a “biochip reader”) for the inspection of cultured blood cells identifying multiple disorders and diseases contained on a microscope slide.


To design a high-resolution lens with extremely low illumination variance across the field of view.


Design:Improved upon the existing off-the-shelf lens by maintaining very little variation in illumination across the entire field. Our competitors’ lenses had illumination drop-off at the edges of the FOV, leading to false-positives (and erroneous results).
Prototypes::Prototypes built in house and accepted by the customer.
Production:Expected yearly usage of 25 to 50 in year 1. Volumes potentially to increase by 2X/year over the lifetime of the contract.
Additional Support:Assisted with the analysis of the illumination delivery system to ensure uniformity of light incident onto the exposed samples. Also made recommendations for mechanical housing and placement of filter internally to reduce stray fluorescence.