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Computer Optics Inks deal with Clear Align... (Read More)

The Indestructable Lens

COI has manufactured the indestructible lens; a simple, fixed-focus C-mount lens cased in metal, designed to survive almost any attack on it.... (Read More)

Zooming In On Perfection

Since 1986, Computer Optics has been concentrating on vertically integrated custom solutions in lens technology. Our deep history and expertise in zoom lens development laid the foundation for our work across a large spectrum of industries.... (Read More)


Case Studies

LCD Beamslitter

The customer, a government prime contractor, provided COI with the optical design for an LCD Beam Splitter, but the design was not trivial due to design constraints. Furthermore, the lens needed be ruggedized and be able to survive stringent shock test parameters.... (Read More)

Helicopter Zoom Lens

We were asked to produce a 4X laser beam expander for a helicopter-mounted laser scanning system. The challenge: make it as lightweight as possible, while able to last more than 50,000 cycles.... (Read More)

Multifunction Rifle Site

Our challenge: a rifle site that had to be lightweight, compact, and offer visible, SWIR and LWIR vision, all with very low power consumption.... (Read More)

Circuit Board Inspection

Our client needed a lens designed for low distortion, short working distance and a large depth of field. The task: to find faulty components on circuit boards, without introducing off-axis views. ... (Read More)

Postal Sorting

A large equipment manufacturer of postal sorting machines needed to improved the efficiency of reading bar codes and addresses on packages, and turned to us for a solution.... (Read More)

Credit Card Imaging Lens

Our customer needed a compact lens with a wide field of view as part of a credit card verification system.... (Read More)

Opthalmic Sugery Lens

Our challenge was to increase the illumination of a fiber bundle, without increasing the wattage of the tungsten bulb. We delivered.... (Read More)

Biometric Lens

After searching exhaustively for an 'off the shelf' lens, this customer came to us for a custom optic to be used in a biometric iris scanning system.... (Read More)

BioChip Reader Lens

We were called upon to design a high-resolution lens for the inspection of cultured blood cells to identify multiple disorders and diseases under microscope.... (Read More)

Compact IR Zoom Lens

We were asked to design and build a highly shock- and vibration-resistant infrared zoom lens for missile tracking.... (Read More)

Passively Athermalized FF Lens

A military flight application required a fixed focus lens without any moving parts. The lens needed to be able to focus from 3 feet to infinity, have a large field of view, and work within a temperature range of 50 to 122 degrees Farenheit.... (Read More)

Stinger Objective Lens

We were asked to design and built a robust, fixed focus lens to be used in the US Army's Stinger Missile. The lens required a particularly precise alignment of the front optical element.... (Read More)

Two Position Zoom Lens

Our client required a lens that could be exposed to heavy shock and vibration, for use on autonomous vehicles. The final optical design had very few elements to maximize light transmission, a highly ruggedized design and fast switch from 100mm to 300mm.... (Read More)