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Optical Fabricaton

With over 26 years of experience.  The standard specifications of our optical fabrication facility are as follows:

Optical Fabrication and Polishing

All common & uncommon glass materials (From BK7, LaSFN, SiO2, etc., to Sapphire & Silicon)
Additionally can generate and polish ceramics & crystals
Scratch-Dig: Common 20-10, Best 10-5
Surface Quality to 5 Angstroms
Surface Figure to λ/20 (over 6” diameter)
Parallelism < 0.001”
Astigmatism to λ/50
Minimum size < 1mm
Maximum size approximately 30”
Edge Tolerances +/- 0.01mm
Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.10mm
Bevel @ 0.030” (no edge chips)
Clear Aperture @ 90%

Do you need a quote for your Optical Fabrication needs?

You can request a quote, by downloading a spec request form and submitting it by fax or email.  If you have a specific question, contact us and we'll help.

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