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Angenieux Inventory List

From the early 70's to the mid-80's, before Computer Optics was formed in its' present day incorporation, we were also known for our business relationship with Angenieux, a French manufacturer of precision optics used primarily in the television industry. Back then, we were the official North American distributor of many different models of Angenieux lenses. Although our relationship with Angenieux ended in the late 1980's, we accumulated a vast inventory of lenses (and ancillary parts/accessories for these lenses), which are still usable to this day. The following link provides an Excel spreadsheet of this inventory, which is sortable by lens description and part number. Please feel free to download this file, and contact us with any specific questions regarding this excess inventory.

Current Angenieux Inventory for Sale

Inventory list of angenieux lenses
Angenieux Inventory List
Download Excel File