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Computer Optics Inks deal with Clear Align... (Read More)

The Indestructable Lens

COI has manufactured the indestructible lens; a simple, fixed-focus C-mount lens cased in metal, designed to survive almost any attack on it.... (Read More)

Zooming In On Perfection

Since 1986, Computer Optics has been concentrating on vertically integrated custom solutions in lens technology. Our deep history and expertise in zoom lens development laid the foundation for our work across a large spectrum of industries.... (Read More)


About Us

Computer Optics Inc. (COI), has been a world leader in optical technology since 1985. We are excited to announce we have become part of the Clear Align Family of companies ( as of June 15th, 2013!

We’ve combined a unique team of dynamic and dedicated professionals with top-end equipment to provide comprehensive solutions to any optics challenge.

Our facility features

Optical Designers (Zemax Optical design stations)
Mechanical Designers (Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks and Solid-Edge stations)
Shaping (Generating room)
Polishing and Diamond Turning
Thin Film Laboratory
Test Laboratory
Quality Control

Custom, Catalog, or Custom-Off-the-Shelf (COTS)

Need custom optics?  We understand that your requirement may be unique. Our R&D department is dedicated to understanding your custom needs and developing the product that best fit your requirements, be it infrared or visible.

Looking for Catalog Infrared?  Our catalog of cutting edge infrared lenses fit most detectors in the market. Each lens was developed after extensive market research.

COTS IR: Use our lenses as they are, or have our team customize a base lens from our catalog to fit your project in a precise way.  Such balance is not only professional – but also extremely cost effective, and it cuts lead times.

Professional Staff

Our technical sales staff offers support before, during and after the sale. We can assist you with our extensive lens library of pre-engineered products, or provide the right custom solution, to reduce time to market for virtually any situation.

Choose the ultimate solution. Choose to work with us.

Our technical sales force has decades of experience in the area of opto-mechanics.
For customized solutions, our designers are co-located with our fabrication team so that real world advice is incorporated into the design saving time and effort.
Our pre-engineered lens library has hundreds of generic designs that can be rapidly adapted to offer customized solutions to save you time and money.
The specialization of each product allows our customer base to differentiate themselves. In an increasingly competitive space, the ability to offer something that is better, lower price or has a richer feature set gives a significant competitive advantage.
Our dedicated team will work with you closely, so you will feel there is always someone to directly address your questions and requirements.
We can support you almost 24/7! With representatives around the world, communication with us is easy, professional, and allows you to get the answers you need fast.

We Work With The Best

We have sold lenses, and tailored premium solutions, to discerning clients across the world. Our lenses have been used below the earth’s surface, in the ocean, on land in extreme conditions, in the air, and even in space. Our satisfied customers include many prime contractors as well as hundreds of smaller companies.

We invite you to work with us, and understand why we are being selected again and again to provide solutions to top companies, such as: